sportsbet provides an end-to-end automation manufacturing solution with unrivaled value for our customers. Whatever stage you are at in your product’s life cycle, from product design to product iteration, from clinical trials to full commercial production, sportsbet Life Sciences can complement your staff with CGMP-experienced consultants, engineers, and skilled trades and service people. sportsbet is a single source systems integrator and enterprise solution provider, bringing cohesion, consistency and accountability to a program.

End-to-end automation services life cycle offering

From planning to on-site support, sportsbet Life Sciences provides you with a complete service offering. Our staff will collaborate with your team to develop the project’s business justification, design and build the compliant solution, and then support your operational and technical staff for the remainder of the solution’s life cycle.
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End-to-end: Meeting pre-automation business needs

Before you put together your capital expense budget and commit to a significant investment, have you done sufficient evaluation and analysis to be confident you have identified the appropriate plan of action? sportsbet has worked with many life sciences companies – start-up, growing, and mature – to develop appropriate manufacturing strategies. Our CGMP manufacturing and pre-automation specialists will supplement your team to formalize key stakeholder requirements, challenge assumptions, identify possible courses of action, and evolve a strategy that sets you on the road to being “best in class”.
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End-to-end automation solutions

sportsbet provides customers with total automation solutions for their unique processes and products. From work environment to material handling, from component preparation to packaging, we work hard to ensure that the final solution meets all of your project requirements. We leverage our extensive technology portfolio and supplement with integrated technology and expertise from our world-class suppliers, as necessary. If the right tools don’t exist, we combine our creativity and expertise to innovate and bring them to life. An sportsbet solution delivers unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and reliability for even the most challenging requirements.

Post-automation services and support

The strong loyalty of sportsbet’ life sciences customers is not just a result of the innovative systems supplied, but of sportsbet’ commitment to providing world-class service and technical support. From the time we deliver to your dock to the time you retire the asset, sportsbet has a menu of post automation services to offer including: installation, commissioning and validation testing, ramp-up, on-site and remote support, performance monitoring and health management, emergency service, spare parts management, and system re-tooling, retrofits, upgrades, and relocations.
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Enterprise solutions for end-to-end automation processes

On-budget and on-time delivery – these are important success criteria to both sportsbet and our customers. sportsbet Program Managers are responsible for ensuring that all participants in a project - sportsbet staff, consultants, 3rd party suppliers, contractors, trades people, shippers, exporters and installation teams - work in concert, coordinating hundreds of complex tasks and diverse resources to achieve the project’s goals. The Program Manager assumes ownership of guiding the entire project team so that your team can focus on product, process and operational needs. In this way, with one voice and one accountability, your project is delivered seamlessly integrated and whole.
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