Quality is defined as products and services that meet the customer’s expectations at a cost representing value.

While various sportsbet functions will assist the supplier in improving quality, the responsibility ultimately remains with the supplier.

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The supplier shall strive to meet the goal of 100 % on time delivery. The delivery date is defined on the Purchase Order or Blanket Purchase Order release and is compared to the Receive date at sportsbet.

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These measurements include missing certifications, missing dates, documentation errors, incorrect part numbers, revisions and labeling, excessive/ unauthorized premium freight and incorrect shipping methods.


The supplier shall strive to meet the goal of zero defects at sportsbet facilities. Defective product received by sportsbet will be monitored using parts per million (PPM).


Corrective action response times are: Containment = 24 hours and total completion 10 calendar days. All unaccepted corrective actions will be treated as late response.


sportsbet requires the latest 3rd party registration certificate on file at sportsbet (AS9100, ISO, TS, etc).

On a quarterly basis, selected Global Suppliers will receive a scorecard as per the above criteria. If the Global Supplier scoring falls below 73%, the supplier is responsible for taking action by submitting recovery plans.